mother of pearl

March 13, 2010, 6:49 pm
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I’ve found a new website.

I have to ransack my dad’s place tomorrow for items worth selling or keeping, since he is being asked ever-so-kindly-via-notice to leave the place he is living, which he seemed to acquire through questionable means (if you’ve heard me talk about my dad, you’ll completely understand).  He says he has some paintings by Margaret Keane, the woman who paints gigantic eyes.  I find them kinda creepy, but they might fetch a pretty penny for some “art” collectors.

creepy eyes are watching you

Hence, the search for bad art. This website has some gems. Amazing pieces by so called artists.  I think my cat, or a retarded child without arms, could produce better art.

At least I don’t think I will ever be on this site… unless I already am.