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My Tooth and Me!
March 17, 2010, 3:48 pm
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Teeth have been a bane to my existence.  They help me eat – an activity I so very much love – I’ll give them that. I won’t forgive them, however, for causing me problems and stress.

I’m trying to turn over a new leaf with my recently-released-from-the-prison-that-is-my-mouth wisdom tooth.

So in the same vein as My Buddy and Me

… we’ve got My Tooth and Me. I’ll just start taking pictures of us, frolicking about: at the store, at the park, going for a run, riding a bike. Since I’m still suffering from the pain, today we are just kicking back and watching tv.


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THanks for the 1980’s flashback of My buddy!!! Ah ha ha ha ha!!!!! Is that REALLY your tooth??? How did they extract it and not rip it to shreds? I think my dentist pulled mine out in pieces (it was impacted). Hope you feel better soon!!!!!!!

Comment by Carrie

You could make a dope necklace outta that beauty! Seriously!

Comment by sarah

Dude, that video clip just made me feel weird. The “be right back” clip on the beginning brought back some crazy memories!

Comment by Lee Allen Johnson

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